I'm Not Dying

by Pedrodomus

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This is the fourth release by Pedrodomus. For those who don’t know Pedrodomus is Pete Cornell and his rotating cast of characters (Memo, Deferlow, Chris Marrone, and others.) This album is laden with acoustic and electric guitars, vocals, and other live instruments. Previous Pedrodomus albums have relied heavily on electronic instruments and sequencing. This album attempts to bridge the gap to a more acoustic landscape. Dealing with themes such as growing older, facing death, and old and new love, Pete has found a new sense of honesty in his music. That is on display throughout I’m Not Dying in the form of exposed vocal lines and nostalgic acoustic guitars. Old fans of Pedrodomus will not be disappointed as this is merely the next progression of the Pedrodomus sound we have come to know. In 2014 Look for Pete as he takes his show the road to promote the release of I’m Not Dying.


released January 3, 2014

All Music was Performed, Programmed, and Arranged by Pete Cornell 
All Music and Lyrics Composed by Pete Cornell
"Dragged By Her Tongue" Lyrics Composed by Garrett Tegano and Pete Cornell   
Produced by Pete Cornell
Co-Produced by Christopher Botta
Engineered by Pete Cornell
Vocals on "Moon Drink" Engineered by Chris Marrone
Bass on "Capo #2" Engineered by Nate Crepeault  
Mixed by Christopher Botta at Staple Chest Audio (www.staplechestaudio.com)
Mastered by Nate Woord at Kerseboom Mastering (www.kerseboommastering.com)  
Recorded at Pacha Mama Studios
Album Art Designed by Scooter Sebastian

Special Thanks To: 
Christopher Botta, Nate Wood, Chris Marrone, Nate Crepeault, Garrett Tegano, Evy Ortiz, Scooter Sebastian, Griffin Ludwig, Priscilla and Charles Cornell, and anyone else who helped fund, produce, or inspire this album. 



all rights reserved


Pedrodomus New Haven, Connecticut

Pedrodomus is the hidden part of Pete Cornell's brain that hordes sonic landscapes and clever musical nuances. A mashup of industrial, Rock, and Electro. This music is designed for the individual, the "electro-eclectic."

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Track Name: Bouncing Evening
Bouncing Evening

I came to this
Bouncing evening
Awake for
Just a dose of fire
So I guess
I'll be leaving

Tread slow but steadfast
Leave me in the past
I love you just today
My will, it's getting stronger.
I can trade a wink for a smile
But afraid to touch your body
Uncertain of what will
Come to pass tomorrow

Your bed is unmade
And my head is throbbing
Let's celebrate a return
Of yesterday's tomorrow.
I'll ridicule the sun her
Face now rages hotter
And you still wonder why
I sleep through the day

Would you love me in spring
Emotions run unstable
But the sex is great

It's a trifling thing
To know I are unable
And always too late

I can bide all my time
But it doesn't mean you'll wait
Doesn't mean you should

I've learned to love you
I did it really well
Just never learned to say it
Track Name: Capo #1
Was I wrong to let this stay?
‘Cause I flew and I fell,
but was welcomed back
It was my choice to live m life this way
(and I was wrong)
but a choice is a choice
I’m gonna carry on anyways

Remorse in my left hand
I’m gonna let it loose.
Experience in my right
I’m gonna hold on tight.

If you want I will find
all that have wronged you.
I’ll set em up in a straight line
and put different colored blindfolds
over their eyes.
(Then I’ll give you the gun)
send em back
to where they came from.

Remorse in my left hand
I’m gonna let it loose.
Experience in my right
I’m gonna hold on tight.
All these frail blue eyes
set em free
to make me more
then who I’m meant to be.

Oh what a sick and fleeting feeling
revenge we love here,
but she hates us.
If I could find something inside of me
to make me more
than who I am trying to be
then this distance
wouldn’t be that bad
wouldn’t be so bad
wouldn’t be as bad as it seems.
Track Name: Moon Drink (feat. Evy Ortiz & Chris Marrone)
When I am far away
From home
I allow my skin
To become warm.
I let myself ease

To form
In the air
A storm
Of my design

To create
Life of my own.
Drain my soul

In my

Revive my mind
Healing bones,
Getting back to the state
In which I was born
Track Name: Capo #2 (feat. Deferlow)
I walk with the wind at my back.
This gale lifts my feet off the ground.
If I turned and cut on back through
it would mean the world to you.

I fall to my knees as I reach my home
Take time to sleep now you can breathe
With me and so deeply
Give me burdens
So suddenly yours become my own.

Still only with me in my head.

Take time to sleep
restless beauty
give in to me
now you can breathe.

Still only with me in my head.
Still only with me in my dreams.
If I turned and cut on back through
it would mean the world to you.
Track Name: Capo #3 (Merely Me)
Capo #3 (Merely Me)

Every night if I could breathe
this close to you.
Then there would be no need
to dream.
Because life would
be the way it seemed
when I used to believe
in things like mountains
and the silent seas.
I’m merely me.

No matter how far I’ve come
I’m still this far.
I can’t turnaround
I was made to push on.

If you touched your hand
to my head
you would wake me
from this death
that consumes and constricts.
It’s like god’s hand is wrapped
around my neck.
I am gone, my spirit’s lost,
I can’t change my mind
to carry on,
and place my dreams where they belong.
I’m merely me.
Track Name: Dragged by Her Tongue (feat. Memo)
Dragged By Her Tongue

Talks too much talks to loud
Silence wrapped in shroud
You can’t drown it out
The language screamed and shout
The vowels hit the floor
She races for the door
I left my mind behind
And I can’t take this much more.
The words hurt they slice
The verbs that she sung
She deserves to be
Dragged by her tongue.

I always find the hate
Between every word
Block it out, drown it out
So it can’t be heard.
Hold her down
Produce the wound
There’s no gauging
how much blood was consumed.

And it’s cold where you are
A thousand miles too far
So I will chase you
Until you escape.

Cut a slice of meaning
I’ll just quit complaining
I try hard to make you see
Cut off another piece of me
Bash my head against this wall
Trying to explain it all
I press on without your thoughts
claiming everything’s my fault.
I want this to be perfect
I wish this would never end
Never wanted to write these words
Never wanted to hit send
But I found another way
I wake up every day
Hoping you’ll come out to play
The real you
The one I used to know...
And it’s cold where you are
A thousand miles too far
I’ve cut you in two
So now we wait.

Against her will she was dragged by her tongue
Lying still she was pulled and was tugged
Screaming shrill she was made then undone
Killed and filled they were cut until they succumbed.

Against her will she was dragged by her tongue
She left us clues to unearth
Her body-bag.

Lying still she was pulled and was tugged
Though we managed to save her by sewing
Seeds in her sides.

Screaming shrill she was made then undone
Killed and filled they were cut until they succumbed

Against her will she was dragged by her tongue
Never blessed the method to rescue
Never return to home.